These Pain Points Attract Unqualified Leads (Stop Using Them)

Ever had a shit client?

We all have.

Someone who would hum and haw on the sales call (and give your sales team a bad time).

Then they’d finally get off the fence and join...

And all they wanna do is complain.

Make excuses.

Ghost from calls.

Half ass the work.

And cause a ton of headache for your client success team.

Or maybe you’ve noticed that you’ve been attracting a lot of broke or unqualified leads with your message.

There’s probably a name or two that pops in your head when you hear all this.

(That’s called good copywriting lol).

But jokes aside, we can all relate.

And it’s often because there were certain pain points you used in your messaging that attracted them.

So in today’s newsletter I’m going to show you how to STOP attracting those people who aren’t an ideal client for your offer by changing the pain points you use in your messaging.

This creates more slam-dunk closes for your sales reps (to increase their closing rate).

And makes it infinitely easier for your client success team to do their job well.

Plus by only working with ideal clients, they often get the best results, the easiest, the fastest, become #1 case studies for your program, and give you tons of referrals and often have the highest lifetime value.

Enough teasing.

Let’s dig in.

Like I said earlier, you’re probably using pain points in your messaging that attract unqualified leads.

We’ll start off with an example of one of my clients.

She helps women overcome their chronic illnesses.

And she was making pretty darn good money doing it.

The problem?

She kept attracting women whose conditions were so bad that they couldn’t keep a job, and of course, couldn’t afford a high-ticket program.


She kept talking about being stuck in bed all day from pain and fatigue.

She’d talk about being on welfare.

She’d talk about feeling guilty that even though they were young, they’d feel embarrassed they would have others taking care of them since they were incapable.

Those pain points were keeping her from attracting more of her dream clients (aka people with money and jobs lol).

So after helping her come to terms with the fact that the person who needs the thing we sell the most often isn’t going to be the one to buy it.

(ie. the smoker who refuses to quit smoking, the abusive husband who refuses to recognize his patterns, the business owner who thinks their problem is sales but it’s actually bad messaging, etc.)...

We tweaked her messaging to make sure we included scenarios and pain points which involve hinting at them having a job.

ie. feeling fatigued and struggling to focus at meetings. 

Chronic pain making them feel embarrassed that they have to keep relying on co-workers for help.

Having to load up on caffeine to get through the day so they don’t fall asleep on the job.

Once we switched to this new set of pain points, guess what?

Her cost per lead shot up.

(And if you read my most recent newsletter you know what’s about to happen next).

Her cost per sale went way down.

So she was able to scale her ads far more aggressively thanks to this subtle shift of pain points.

So if you’re not consistently attracting the right kinds of clients...

Look at the pain points you’re using.

Make sure you’re using the right ones that your ideal client will resonate with.

Because it’s better to use more specific pain points that appeal to a smaller amount of your audience but will resonate more heavily so you can get better clients.

Hope this helps.

Ed “Stop Attracting Brokies” Reay

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