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  3. Then you’ll get into the “Upgrade Your Mind” section where I talk about philosophy, spirituality, and crafting a better life for yourself from the inside out… since I can give you the best business tips but it won’t help nearly as much until your mind is right

  4. A Q&A column to ask questions about offers, funnels, messaging, copy, anything stopping you from getting more high-ticket clients (you’re always more than welcome to hit reply and ask any questions!)

  5. Plus special surprises, bonuses, and gags from time to time

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Top Marketing Tips

Tip #1 - The 3 Key Channels To Scale To 8-Figures

Every 8-figure client I’ve worked with have these 3 channels dialed in:

1. Organic content

2. Email

3. Paid ads

Everything else within reason is redundant or an extra “nice to have”.

Paid ads bring in the leads.

Then they use organic and email to nurture those leads who don’t buy right away.

Only 1-3% of your audience buys off the bat.

The rest?

Need 3, 6, 12 months.

In fact I just got off a consult with a client who’s known about me for over 6 years!

All thanks to organic.

The ROI isn’t always crazy direct on organic or email.

But the ongoing results is more than worth it to invest some extra time and attention on these channels.

Dial in these 3.

Watch your leads and sales grow.

Tip #2 - Why Guarantees Can Attract The Worst Clients

If a potential client has to be convinced with a guarantee to buy your high-ticket offer, odds are that’s gonna be a shit client.

Only reason they’re looking for a guarantee is they don’t feel confident in your ability to produce results or they don’t believe your solution will work for them.

So they’re gonna slack on the work to get the results.

Drag their feet.

And blame you when they get no results.

Why would you get in a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe in you / what you do?

Tip #3 - Why Your Offer Should Turn Off Potential Clients

When you craft the right offer and position it in the right way, you can suck at sales and make more sales than the best salesman.

I'm not much of a salesman myself.

But the offers that get whipped up for myself and my clients?


You'd be shocked.

People clamoring over each other trying to grab one of these offers.

But the key is that they appeal to the RIGHT person.

In fact...

Your offer should turn off the WRONG person.

Figure out what thing your nightmare client DOESN'T want... and find a way to include that in your offer stack and positioning.

Makes a much easier sell for the RIGHT person.

And a much harder sell for the WRONG person.

Then you don't have to rely as much on the consistency of your sales reps to close.

The offer + positioning does that for you.

Tip #4 - Why You Should Fire Your In-House Marketing Team (Or Hire An Expert To Train Them)

90% of people’s in-house marketing team is trash.

No clue what they’re doing.

Just cheap and willing to do a lot of work for little pay for a consistent paycheck and to learn how to get better.

No shade, just is what it is.

Tip #5 - What To Do When Your Offer Isn’t Converting

Sometimes if your offer isn't converting, it's not that you have to change your offer or your audience.

Sometimes you're just attracting the wrong people through your ads, content, and messaging.

This shows up in:

- Low show up rate

- Low closing rate

- Low conversion rate through email

You can keep forcing your offer out there and get less than ideal response.

Or you can tweak your message to attract more of your ideal clients so the rest becomes easy.

Upgrade Your Mind

Feeling fear and anxiety is a choice, and often unnecessary.

Not to diminish or dismiss or play down whatever fear you’re feeling or have felt recently...

But to give you hope that there is a life for you where you can feel peace deeply without giving into fear and playing small.

Because look.

You and I both know you’ve been playing smaller than you know you can.

There’s so much more you could be experiencing (HINT: not doing).

You could be running your business more effortlessly, enjoyably, and profitably.

You could be expressing your grandest ideas and visions with the world and receiving tons of recognition and appreciation from those it’s impacted.

You could be enjoying more of your life and experiencing more quality, deeper relationships with those you love and care about.

But it’s hard to make space for those energies to come into your life and your reality UNTIL you get rid of fear.

Because like I hinted at the beginning of this:

Fear is a choice.

You can choose to lean into the fear.

Choose to let it control you.

Choose to let it stop you from being the next version of you.

The version of you that your friends, family, and clients need you to show up as.

And most importantly...

The version you need to show up as for YOU.

The only thing in the way is fear.

And if that fear isn’t serving you, release it.

Easier said than done.

But knowing that it’s possible and being aware of it is the first step.

And look.

Some people are so attached to the fear they’re going to combat with me on why it’s not a “choice”.

Feel free to explore that thought.

Don’t believe a single thing I write or tell you.

It’s all personal experience.

That’s where I’m writing from.

I’ve chosen the much more empowered frame that fear is a choice.

And I’ve been able to go from feeling anxious and dreading each day for YEARS...

To living each day in peace.

And when fear pops up, I’m able to quickly address it and get back to peace or whatever feeling needs to be there to do what I need to do.

Obviously if you’re getting chased by a madman with a knife or in a sketchy part of town or you’re anxious for an upcoming launch that’s healthy.

But it shouldn’t be debilitating and clouding your judgment.

Release that shit.

Let it go.

It’s about time.


P.S. If you enjoyed this edition of “Upgrade Your Mind Corner” then you’ll love my other newsletter called Ed’s Insights.

It goes even deeper into spirituality, mindset, and creating the life you want from the inside out..

High-Ticket Q&A Column

Question #1:

“Striking the right balance between quality and volume:

-Direct response marketing (VSL funnel) for quick swooshes of prospects vs. long-term immersion content leading to booked call for high quality prospects

-Highly qualifying prospects (much lower volume for closers, higher close rate) vs minimally qualifying prospects (high volume for closers, lower close rate)

It seems that volume is the game for $10k B2C Biz Op offer and quality is the game for our $50k B2B Biz Scaling offer... but how do you see it?”


Ed’s Answer:

Great question.

But why choose volume OR quality?

I like to have it all.

That’s why I’m a big fan of doing BOTH direct VSL book a call style funnels with plenty of organic follow up via email and social media content.

Because it gets the top 1-3% of people who are ready to buy NOW…

And converts the long-term person who needs a deeper relationship or the timing was off.

One optimizes for volume, the other optimizes for quality.

As your lead volume increases, you can choose to be more picky who gets to go on your closers calendars.

Add in more disqualifying mechanisms like income, interest, how much previous content from the guru they’ve watched, etc.

This works great for both B2C and B2B.

But yes, like you said, B2C is volume and B2B is quality.

Since the price point is lower ($10K) and more mass appealing (aka more people are going to be interested in quitting their 9-5 job than scaling their business. It’s just numbers)…

Then you can afford to be more aggressive on volume because there’s more of the market to sift through.

Plus since the price is lower they’re going to be more likely to pull the trigger and buy vs. a B2B that will need trust, relationship etc.

Also to mention that because B2B has a smaller pool of people, it’s often advised to focus on quality because you can’t “churn and burn” as aggressively since the pool is much smaller.

Plus they’re often going to be more sophisticated and skeptical, especially since it’s a larger deal size like $50K.

Question #2:

How would you regularly invite people from your email list to jump on a consultation call with you?

Of course, this consultation call is leading toward a high-ticket offer.

-Boris Herman Seidenschnier

Ed’s Answer:

Easy one.

You have a CTA a few times a week to invite people to book a time to speak with you or your team!

Make sure you balance giving value, telling personal stories with CTAs to book a time to make sure your list doesn’t burn out or see your relationship as transactional.

The goal is to frame the consultation call a valuable to help them achieve their dream outcome.

Some people before they come to work with me have CTAs like “speak with my team to learn more about joining our program”.

Which obviously has zero benefit lol.

So make sure there’s a clear outcome that they’re going to achieve by joining the call.

Question #3:

How do you shape offers for in person services differently vs online services? For example high-ticket physical therapy services

-Zaki Afzal

Ed’s Answer:

It would be pretty much the same!

You’d still promise a result in a time frame.

For example, “Reverse sciatica in just 90 days!”

You’d only have to account for the fact people would have to come in-person to do sessions with you.

I’d recommend you make sure you frame it for the outcome vs for the session.

Otherwise you’ll be stuck charging per session and stuck on the hamster wheel selling dollars for hours vs. outcomes which is much faster and higher paying.

So instead of saying it’s $100 per session…

Say it’s $1200 to get their back pain fixed over 6 sessions.

So you’re effectively DOUBLING your rate by framing it differently!

Got a question about copy, funnels, offers, messaging, or something covered in today's newsletter? Hit reply with your question and it just might be featured next time!

Wrapping Up

Super excited to have you part of this brand-new newsletter.

This is going to be fun!

So there may be easter eggs, memes, contests, giveaways, and other cool things hidden in these newsletters.

You never know.

So you’ll want to make it a priority to read and reply to every single one ;).


If you could do me a HUGE favor and reply to this email and let me know how you liked it, that would be SUPER helpful.

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Thank you!

Ed “At Your Service, But Obviously Within Reason” Reay