Why Fear Is A Choice

Feeling fear and anxiety is a choice, and often unnecessary.

Not to diminish or dismiss or play down whatever fear you’re feeling or have felt recently...

But to give you hope that there is a life for you where you can feel peace deeply without giving into fear and playing small.

Because look.

You and I both know you’ve been playing smaller than you know you can.

There’s so much more you could be experiencing (HINT: not doing).

You could be running your business more effortlessly, enjoyably, and profitably.

You could be expressing your grandest ideas and visions with the world and receiving tons of recognition and appreciation from those it’s impacted.

You could be enjoying more of your life and experiencing more quality, deeper relationships with those you love and care about.

But it’s hard to make space for those energies to come into your life and your reality UNTIL you get rid of fear.

Because like I hinted at the beginning of this:

Fear is a choice.

You can choose to lean into the fear.

Choose to let it control you.

Choose to let it stop you from being the next version of you.

The version of you that your friends, family, and clients need you to show up as.

And most importantly...

The version you need to show up as for YOU.

The only thing in the way is fear.

And if that fear isn’t serving you, release it.

Easier said than done.

But knowing that it’s possible and being aware of it is the first step.

And look.

Some people are so attached to the fear they’re going to combat with me on why it’s not a “choice”.

Feel free to explore that thought.

Don’t believe a single thing I write or tell you.

It’s all personal experience.

That’s where I’m writing from.

I’ve chosen the much more empowered frame that fear is a choice.

And I’ve been able to go from feeling anxious and dreading each day for YEARS...

To living each day in peace.

And when fear pops up, I’m able to quickly address it and get back to peace or whatever feeling needs to be there to do what I need to do.

Obviously if you’re getting chased by a madman with a knife or in a sketchy part of town or you’re anxious for an upcoming launch that’s healthy.

But it shouldn’t be debilitating and clouding your judgment.

Release that shit.

Let it go.

It’s about time.


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