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Counter-Intuitive Way To Get Consistent Lead Flow From Your Organic Marketing Channels

You'll never believe how simple it is...

One of the #1 challenges most coaches and consultants face is getting consistent lead flow from their organic marketing channels.

And the reason for that is very simple.

Most people only make the sale when they have a Call To Action, offer post, or 2-step (sometimes called a honey pot post).

So they have to ASK for the sale with their content, or talk directly about their offer.

Here’s the problem with that:

You’re only going to get sales when you directly talk about your offer or services.

And 80% of the rest of the time?

You’re relying on setters to pound the DMs.

You’re stressing about inconsistent lead-flow.

Some weeks you get dozens or hundreds of calls booked.


Some weeks you only get a handful.

It’s tough to be able to do revenue projections, and to know how much capital and cash you can use to solve problems with inconsistent lead-flow.

“Was last week / month a fluke? I call myself a 6, 7, 8 figure business owner, but can I consistently do what I did in my record month?”


That all comes down to your ability to consistently generate leads with your organic marketing channels.

And the way to do that is to always be selling, but NOT necessarily selling your offer.


When you sell your offer, you’re marketing to the top 1-3% of your audience who know you, like you, trust you, are sold on your solution and are ready to buy now.

When I say sold on your solution, I don’t just mean your offer.

I mean that they believe that the way you solve their problem is what they need instead of all the bajillion other options out there.

Think of it this way (key marketing point that I’ll have to do another newsletter on if there’s enough demand):

Someone needs to BELIEVE that what you’re selling will solve their problem.

Not just in terms of social proof.

But in terms of will this work for ME.

That’s always the question in their mind.

And also, they may not even be aware that your solution is what they need to fix their problem.

So somebody trying to lose weight probably knows about calories in, calories out.

They’ve probably heard of keto, carnivore, etc.

But just because they’ve heard about them doesn’t mean they believe that they will work for them!

So a small part of your marketing is going to be offer focused on keto and program details to capture that 1-3% of the market who’s already aware and sold on the solution of keto.

(HINT: when I say sold on the solution, I mean sold on keto in this example, not sold on your program).

And a large part of your marketing is going to be focused on WHY keto is the best way to lose weight, what smart athletes do with it, how it’s the key to weight loss even if they’ve never been able to lose weight and keep it off before.

NOW you’ll be able to get consistent lead-flow.

Since you’re consistently moving people into that “buying state” which creates inbound DMs and much warmer leads for your setters to book.

Because one thing I noticed with a lot of my 7 & 8 figure clients when I consult with them on their messaging and content is unless they’re running ads to add new, fresh life blood to their organic channels...

They run out of leads.


One way to combat that is to consistently educate their market on their solution (like we’ve just talked about) so we’re always moving people into that 1-3% who are sold on your solution.

If you don’t, you will sell to all your 1-3% of ready to buy now peeps and now you’re left with 97-99% of your audience who aren’t sold on your solution.

(so if lead volume has dried up for you lately, this may be why!!)

Which causes people to have to keep launching new offers because they’ve “tapped out their list” (which is almost never true).

So there.

Be sure you’re selling people on your solution consistently in your content instead of just being offer or CTA focused.

And you’ll start to see more inbound DMs and consistent lead flow.

Hope this helps,

Ed “Flow” Reay

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